Measurement Tools In Watch Making

Measurement Tool

Bergeon Luminous compound White is used to re-paint watch hands that have lost their original glow. It is a non-radioactive compound. It can be applied with an oiler or with a piece of fine peg wood. The required quantities of powder and varnish are mixed with the thinner till the correct consistency is achieved. The variants - yellow/ green and green compounds can be diluted with water and used.

The Bergeon Mainspring Winding set is a sturdy precision made tool. It has 7 right handed mainspring winders that can be used on any good quality mainspring steel. The set has one handle that holds all the winders. There is also a 17 piece variant in this type of winding set. Bergeon ETA Assorted Mainspring Winder is useful on the most popular ETA calibres. This set also includes a single handle that suits all the winders. The Bergeon Pocket and Watch mainspring winders have 17 winders for left and right hand mainsprings. All these winders come packaged in a wooden box which can be used for storing them after use.

Gauging or measuring tools are used to measure lengths during the watch making process. The Bergeon Hole Gauge tool is used to measure hole sizes for example in hands and other applications that fit down on the spiral. It is a sturdy tool which is designed for rough use and is durable; it is very handy in watch repair.Bergeon Plastic Vernier Dial Gauge is suited to measure internal and external measurements plus depths of glasses, dials, pins and more. The tool is constructed of light weight plastic; it is robust and long lasting. It comes with a clear white dial for the readings. Reading range is up to 150 mm in increments of .1 mm. The Bergeon Micrometer for Watch Makers has a fixed spindle. It has a range of 0 to 25 mm with a minute direct reading of .01 mm.  The stand is made of painted cast iron and has a cup. The drum part is matt chromed. It is typically used by watch repairers. It is adjustable in every position and so can be used to measure jewels, wheels, springs and many more parts.

The Bergeon Crown Measuring Gauge is good for accurately gauging crowns, stems and pendant tubes. The gauge has measurements that are fit for quartz watches. It can be used for precisely measuring the thread of winding stems and crowns, the diameter of tubes and joints, distance between the watch cases lugs etc. The Steel Vernier Dial gauge can be used to measure internal and external length, width and depth of glasses, dials and pins. The gauge is made of metal and is sturdy and durable. It has a clear white dial for the readings. It can measure with an accuracy of plus or minus .02 mm.

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